Leaving Home

Leaving Home

It’s a bit complicated. I’m leaving Prince Edward Island but with every mile that Wave Rover and I sail we are returning home. It’s important to remember where you come from, on so many levels, in order to be able to return.

I recently spent two weeks back on the island and it felt like two days. The reason for the trip was to spend time with my wife before heading off to the far corners of the globe on a voyage that would likely take two years. But to my unbelievable surprise the Premier, my Member of Parliament, and the Mayor of Summerside all made time in their busy schedules to meet me and bestow the great honour of carrying our flags as Wave Rover and I became unofficial ambassadors.

When I left Summerside, five months ago I knew how fortunate I was to be able to do what I love [solo sailing around the world] and being able to do it with passion. The unexpected bit was the recognition and support that I received not only by our political leaders but by the rest of you. Friends and family of course but also the cashier at the store who told me that she’s been following the voyage, the Grandmother who contacted me to tell me she opened a FaceBook account so that she and her grandson could follow the voyage. The autistic youth who is gifted in geography and following us.

The messages and phone calls, the touching and genuine posts from across PEI, all wishing me fair winds and a safe return.

To all of you, and I think that I have a bit of dust in my eye as I write this, but to all of you, a heartfelt “Thank You”. You have added an unexpected layer of richness to the voyage.

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